Membership is an integral part of keeping our club alive. All proceeds go to improvements in the club and your racing experience.

Membership Cost & Benefits:

Cost for membership from September 2017 to September 2018
Membership can be paid at any time during the year
FAMILY (spouse and any children under 18) $75


  • $5 off race entry for first class on NORCAR club race dates
  • Premier pit space at large race events
  • Voting rights on NORCAR business
  • Eligibility to run for the board (if you can commit to attend board meetings, ‚Äčtrack change-overs, and help during race day)

Purchase a 1 year Individual Membership – $50

Purchase a 1 year Family Membership – $75

NORCAR is a non-profit organization. We have no paid employees and all work is done on a volunteer basis. However, that doesn’t mean that we don’t have expenses. We have to pay rent, utilities, maintenance, purchase trophies, and keep our track in top shape! Please consider a donation to NORCAR. 100% of all donations will go straight into our operating budget and will be used for track and facility improvements. Just a few of the capital improvements that are being considered are: New plastic track layout boards to replace the splintered wood ones, new carpet for off-road racing, and replacing the aging digital projectors with large TV’s. (You will be asked to enter the amount of your donation on PayPal’s site.)