Classes & Rules

General Rules

  • LiPo batteries must be charged in flame retardant charging sacks designed for LiPo batteries.
  • All LiPo batteries must have a hard case.
  • Batteries must NOT be charged beyond their design voltage (4.20V per cell for standard LiPo’s).
  • No receiver packs allowed for any classes.
  • No “super caps”. Capacitors cannot exceed 10,000 micro farads.
  • NORCAR strives to be a family friendly atmosphere. Please be respectful.
  • Racers must bring a towel or pit mat to protect the tables.
  • Racers must provide their own transponders. NORCAR uses the older “2 wire” style transponders. The MyLaps RC4 Hybrid is a popular choice and is used by many racers.
  • Race entry fees, parts, and refreshments are cash only.

Road Course Rules

Oval Rules (coming soon)

Off-Road Rules (coming soon)